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Release Name: g1-s1-v1.1.0.391

Release Notes
Comments from Craig Bennetts,, September 10, 2014

Converted tf_joint.feb (FEBio v1) from dissemination package

openknee, generation 1, specimen 1, version (Release Name:

available from SimTK->OpenKnee(s)->Downloads at:

by importing it into PreView v1.14.0, which converted the model to be
compatible in FEBio v2.

The imported model was exported from PreView and renamed

The model/simulation completely converged with 'NORMAL TERMINATION'
using FEBio v2.0.1.

Comments from Ahmet Erdemir,, January 19, 2015

The file 'tf_joint_FEBio_v2.feb' was updated

(1) To incorporate smooth ramp and hold type of loading curves with a
total duration of 2 s.
(2) To allow output of femur and tibia kinematics and kinetics to
separate files.
(3) To coarsen the tolerances for faster simulations.
(4) To update loading and boundary conditions to allow prescription of
flexion in 1 s and then application of loads in the following 1 s.

THIS MODEL IS SUPPOSED TO RUN WITH FEBio v2.1.2.6432, any previous
versions may have convergence difficulties.