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KM Steele, A Seth, JL Hicks, MH Schwartz, SL Delp, “Muscle contributions to vertical and fore-aft accelerations are altered in subjects with crouch gait.” Gait & Posture, in press. KM Steele, A Seth, JL Hicks, M Schwartz, SL Delp, Muscle contributions to support during single-limb stance in crouch gait.” Journal of Biomechanics, 43, 2099-105. (2010)

Simulations of individuals with cerebral palsy who walk in a crouch gait as described in Steele et al. 2010 (Journal of Biomechanics) and Steele et al. 2013 (Gait & Posture); available for download and use by others.

License: Crouch Gait Simulations, Crouch Severity Simulations, Summary

These manuscripts explores how individual muscles contribute to joint and mass center movement in individuals with cerebral palsy who walk with a crouch gait. In 2010 we created simulations of single-limb stance for 10 subjects with a mild crouch gait. In 2012, we expanded this study to evaluate muscle contributions to gait during mild, moderate, and severe crouch gait.


For the 2010 publication, one simulation of right and left single-limb stance are provided for each of the 10 crouch gait subjects. For the 2012 publications, a simulation of one gait cycle is provided for 3 mild, 3 moderate, and 3 severe crouch gait subjects. Please see the downloads section to obtain the files and accompanying documentation for these simulations. These simulations were all created in OpenSim v1.9.1.

The OpenSim software is not included in these downloads and is required for running or analyzing the simulations. Please see https://opensim.stanford.edu for more information on OpenSim.

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