A detailed model of the muscles spanning the hip joint for muscle force and joint load prediction at the hip.

License: 2396Hip, 2398Hip_w_LaiArnold

The purpose of this project was to create a detailed model of the muscles spanning the hip joint. Please see descriptions specific to each iteration of the model in Downloads.

2398Hip_w_LaiArnold - Please cite: Song K, Gaffney BMM, Shelburne KB, Pascual-Garrido C, Clohisy JC, Harris MD. Dysplastic hip anatomy alters muscle moment arm lengths, lines of action, and contributions to joint reaction forces during gait. J Biomech. 2020 Sep 18;110:109968. PMID: 32827786; PMCID: PMC7737424.

2396Hip - Please cite: Harris MD, MacWilliams BA, Bo Foreman K, Peters CL, Weiss JA, Anderson AE. Higher medially-directed joint reaction forces are a characteristic of dysplastic hips: A comparative study using subject-specific musculoskeletal models. J Biomech. 2017 Mar 21;54:80-87. PMID: 28233552; PMCID: PMC5939935.

Hip_23_72 - Please cite: Shelburne, K.B., Decker, M.J., Krong, J., Torry, M.R., Philippon, M.J., 2010. Muscle forces at the hip during squatting exercise. In: 56th Annual Meeting of the
Orthopaedic Research Society. New Orleans, LA


The download is a detailed model of the muscles spanning the hip joint. Additional muscles and wrapping were added to the baseline lower extremity models currently available in OpenSim.

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