A MATLAB OpenSim (>=4.0) API that utilizes Cholewicki's EMG optimization approach to solve muscle redundancies (Cholewicki & McGill, 1994; Cholewicki et al., 1995; Gagnon et al., 2011).

License: EMGopt_Tool

We developed the framework for defining muscular contributions in OpenSim using the EMG optimization approach (Cholewicki & McGill, 1994). The attached tool and accompanying sample data/model/setup files provide an (hopefully) easy to follow working example. Individual projects will undoubtedly require some minor adjustments to the function/example but project members will gladly assist with any issues one may have (please post such questions or initiate contact via the forum).

We are in the process publishing an evaluation study for the API and a lower back gait model. A link to our paper will be provided at the appropriate time. Meanwhile, we have provided a link to the dissertation this tool was designed for as well as a TGCS conference abstract (both can be found in 'Publications').

In addition to the '' that contains the aforementioned API, 'Downloads' also includes a '' that has both a top-down and bottom-up approach model for solving inverse dynamics. Note: evaluation was done with the top-down model, with reference to the bottom-up approach in the supplemental material(s).

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