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Provide access to the latest version of OpenSim and a central repository for the OpenSim Jamboree participants. Provide workshop materials to participants and others interested in the OpenSim API.

The developer's jamboree covers the OpenSim 2.0 API (to be released). This an opportunity to learn about how OpenSim is constructed and how to build on this foundation to meet your research and laboratory goals. On the first day, a brief architectural overview of OpenSim and commonly used SimTK libraries (e.g., Simbody) will be provided. In particular, we will describe OpenSim model components such as bodies, joints, constraints, forces, and controllers and demonstrate how to assemble these components into working models in coding exercises in the form of small main programs. The second and third days will be devoted to building and interacting with models programmatically including the development of custom components and analysis plug-ins.