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Hip Exoskeleton Gait Model
This is a model of a person wearing a unilateral hip exoskeleton, and is adapted from the Gait2354.osim. The exoskeleton is defined as 3 segments corresponding to a waist harness, motor housing, and thigh harness. The motor rotation angle is defined as a 1-DOF pin joint between the motor housing and the thigh harness. A passive ab/adduction hinge common to most current hip exoskeleton designs has also been modeled as a 1-DOF pin joint connecting the motor housing to the waist harness. An additional 6-DOF joint has been added between the waist harness and the pelvis to allow relative motion between these segments to be quantified. The remaining exoskeleton segments do not have joints connecting them to anatomical segments to prevent over-defining the model.
Initial release
Apr 06, 2022

OSIM and geometry files for the gait model with a unilateral hip exoskeleton. Includes models with and without the markerset used in Price et al., ICRA 2022 (under review).  

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Apr 06, 2022
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Zip file containing the OSIM and Geometry files for the gait model with a unilateral hip exoskeleton.