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This page provides access to the below-knee amputee model described in the publication listed below. Any future updates to the model will also be provide here.
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Below-Knee Amputee Model
This is a model of a person with a unilateral transtibial amputation, and is adapted from the Gait2354.osim. The ankle, subtalar, and mtp joints were removed on the left side and replaced by a 1-DOF pin joint representing the prosthetic foot PF/DF. The left side tibia and fibula were replaced by a truncated tibia and fibula to represent the residual limb. An additional 6-DOF joint has been added between the residual limb and prosthesis socket segments. All muscles that cross the left ankle were removed except for the medial gastrocnemius, which was truncated and reattached at the middle of the residual limb.
Below-Knee Amputee Model
Jun 12, 2018

Zip file containing the OSIM and Geometry files for the below-knee amputee OpenSim model.  View License

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Aug 10, 2018
335 KB
Below-Knee Amputee Model - 6/12/18 - Initial release - 8/10/18 - Corrected error that inverted the socket model.


A.K. LaPrè, M. Price, R. Wedge, B.R. Umberger, F. Sup. “Approach for Gait Analysis in Persons with Limb Loss Including Residuum and Prosthesis Socket Dynamics“, Int J Numer Meth Biomed Engng, 34(4), p.e2936, 2018. (2018) View