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All downloads are available on our website: www.BioGearsEngine.com. We created a suite of tools to drive the BioGears Engine. This Toolkit is intended for users (e.g., researchers, educators, or curious individuals) who wish to execute BioGears and view the physiological effects of the patient. These tools will create and plot a time-based, tab-delimited file of calculated physiological outputs. We created a software development kit (SDK) to help developers integrate the BioGears Engine into software applications. This SDK provides pre-built libraries and headers, as well as examples of programmatically using the provided interfaces. The provided application programming interfaces (APIs) provide full control over the engine to execute various actions and retrieve a wide range of calculated physiological outputs. The full BioGears source code is available for users to view and review implementation, contribute improvements, and integrate or replace models for use with the BioGears systems.
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