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Release Name: Version 1

Release Notes
Version 1 includes the following files:

- das3.osim and geometry files: the Opensim model files
- das3mex.mexw32: the MEX function (Matlab executable)
- das3mex.m: a file that documents the use of the MEX function
- das3step.m: advances the simulation by calling the MEX function
- das3.bio: a text file containing joint and muscle parameters
- equilibrium.mat: passive equilibrium state
- das3sim.m: simulates and plots a simple movement using das3step
- driver.m and driver.fig: GUI that allows you to control and visualise 
a real-time simulation (requires OpenSim API)
- Readme.pdf: detailed instructions

Please see the included Readme file for instructions on how to set up 
and run simulations, and use the OpenSim API for visualisation.
Change Log
First release.