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Release Name: Version 2

Release Notes
Version 2 includes three folders that contain:

- the model manual published in Matlab 
- the Opensim model for visualization
- the real-time model for 32 and 64-bit Matlab and functions for testing and using it

Please see the included Readme file for instructions on how to set up and run simulations, and use the OpenSim API for visualization.
Change Log
- 32 and 64-bit versions of the Matlab MEX binaries included
- Model parameters are now saved in a Matlab .mat file instead of a text file for easy editing
- The model manual is now a set of html files built in Matlab. The original .m files are also included, so the user can rebuild the manual. This process runs various test routines on the model, which allows the user to verify that the model works as it should, before using it
- Matlab GUI application renamed from driver to das3driver to avoid clashes with Matlab built-in function