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Release Name: OpenSim 1.8

Release Notes
Release 1.8 Change Log

New Functionality

1. Exposing the API to build plugins for OpenSim and a GUI to allow
loading plugins into the OpenSim application.
2. Update to SimTKCore 1.5.1 (as a result, support for SDFast is dropped):
       2.1. Simbody support for constraints is included.
       2.2. Simbody support for Welds is now included.
3. New model file format that\'s more easy to edit and maps to dynamics
(old file formats are still readable).
4. New Marker-Editor to edit marker positions graphically.
5. The ability to do live plotting of residuals during RRA/CMC.
6. The ability to associate result files to a motion file and have
them display together. 

Bug Fixes
1. Filtering bug that caused incorrect magnitude for filtered signals
with large number of samples or at high cut-off frequency. (bug 706)
2. Padding bug which caused evaluation of splines outside their
defined domains while running tools. (bug 597)
3. Plotter always assumed 0. activation for muscles if activation was
not specified. (bug 709)