Release Name: 2.0

Release Notes
SimTK 2.0 has been tested on Red Hat Workstation 4 and Centos 5.4.

Highlights for SimTK 2.0:

- substantially reduced memory use for large molecules
- MassCenterMotionRemover class for managing rigid body momentum and
COM position
- Nosé-Hoover thermostat
- OpenMM plugin for GPU-accelerated force field
- custom bonded forces in DuMM

- generalized contact modeling
- reversible mobilizers
- inverse dynamics

- bug fixes, performance improvements, doxygen doc improvements
- build system improvements; many more tests
- improved API naming consistency

Change Log
SimTK bug/feature requests resolved in 2.0 (since 1.5)

To read more about each of these items, go to 
https://simtk.org/home/simtkcore, Advanced tab, 
Features and Bugs. Pick one of those, then choose to 
display items in State "Closed".

If you have problems or questions about these, please
post to the SimTK Core forum (also under the Advanced
tab above).

Breaking changes
Note: in most cases the old names have been left in 
temporarily; you will eventually have to make these
changes so now might be a good time. The Function, Spline,
and SplineFitter changes must be made immediately, however,
if you are making direct calls to those.

670 "N" and "Num" used inconsistently in method names
672 Rename the kinematic differential equation coupling
    matrix to "N" from "Q"
673 The position vector in a Transform should be accessed
    with p(), not T() 
991 Function, Spline, SplineFitter should be templatized
    by type not size

Also, the API is more strict about using the type-safe
integers like MobilizedBodyIndex. You may find cases where
an integer was previously allowed that will not require
you to cast the integer to a particular Index type, e.g.
MobilizedBodyIndex(3) rather than just "3".

667 Integrator::initialize() fails to reset interpolated 
758 Two-axis Rotation constructor produces a bad Rotation
    (det= -1)
812 SimTK::State clears all continuous vars when Model
    stage is invalidated

557 Need a better way to minimize computation upon realize
586 need polygonal mesh and collision detection
622 Allow custom Forces to create state variables and 
    cache entries
647, 705, 763 Problems with Weld mobilizers
734 Bug in MassProperties causes reaction forces to come
    out wrong sometimes
978 calcSystemMassPropertiesInGround() method broken 
    in SimbodyMatterSubsystem

653 matchDefault generates distorted structure
730 Implement Nose Hoover thermostat
740 Memory issue with RNA
765 Molmodel's VMD headers corrupt namespace
907 AssignBiotypes should be called automatically

671 remove failed attempts at binary-compatible virtual 
    function tables
752 SimTK Core should install using %ProgramFiles% env.
    var. rather than hardcoded location
743 DLL includes based on wrong WIN32 symbol in
    common.h headers