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Explain AILI attributes measured from wet-lab experiments using virtual experimentation on concrete, biomimetic, agent-based mouse models called analogs.

License: AILI Data, AILI ISL

The AILI project is a type of In-Silico Liver (ISL) project, which consists of a body of Java code used and reused for exploring hypothetical liver mechanisms. For AILI, the liver mechanisms are those that cause cellular damage, specifically necrosis, because of exposure to acetaminophen. Moreover, the model, a mouse analog, is used for virtual experimentation to explore and explain AILI phenomena, analogous to wet-lab experimentation.


We expect pre-configured analogs, used to derive published data, to be downloaded and experiments to be repeated by readers.

We expect the code to be read, modified, recompiled and reused by interested researchers.

And we expect researchers at other labs to fork the project as well as contribute workflow, requirements, model, and code changes.

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