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FEBio is a nonlinear finite element software package that is specifically designed to address problems in computational biomechanics and biophysics.

FEBio is a nonlinear finite element solver that is specifically designed for biomechanical applications. It offers modeling scenarios, constitutive models, and boundary conditions that are relevant to many research areas in biomechanics and biophysics. All features can be used together seamlessly, giving the user a powerful tool for solving 3D problems in computational biomechanics. The software is open-source, and pre-compiled executables for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms are available.
Current modeling capabilities include:

* Large deformation quasi-static and dynamic structural mechanics analysis.
* Modeling of complex structures that contain a combination of deformable and rigid parts.
* Multiphasic modeling, where the solvent can contain any number of solutes that may undergo chemical reactions.
* Fluid mechanics analysis, both steady-state and transient
* Fluid-solid interaction (FSI), which combines the powerful solid and fluid solvers.

FEBio also supports a plugin framework that can be used to easily develop new features for FEBio, including new constitutive models, boundary conditions, and even entire new physics solvers.

For more information check out the FEBio website at http://www.febio.org


FEBio 1.2.0 Released

Mar 2, 2010

FEBio, Finite Elements for Biomechanics, has undergone some major revisions in the past year.

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