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Provide code for creating predictive simulations of standing long jumps and results from our publication.

License: Results, Source Files

This project is aimed at creating a predictive simulation framework for standing long jumps and studying how using a how such a framework can be used to study performance differences due to various perturbations.

In particular, we have used this framework to study how simulation can be used to aid in device design. In our publication, we first show that the framework could generate a simulation that captured salient features of a standing long jump, including kinematics and kinetics. We then used the framework to design active and passive devices to increase simulated jump performance.


This project contains zip files for two purposes:
1. The source code to perform dynamic optimizations of a standing long jump. This was built on OpenSim 3.2 and Simbody 3.3.1. Contains C++ code to build an executable and linked library, the base model, and example input files. Other researchers can use this framework to perform dynamic optimizations of standing long jumps and examine how changing the model or adding devices can affect performance.
2. The model files with optimized parameters for each condition in the publication along with the corresponding force and states file. Other researchers can use these files to either further analyze our data or use them at starting points in their own optimizations.

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