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Provide a comprehensive data set with associated models that will enable researchers to validate musculoskeletal model estimates of muscle and joint contact forces in the knee.

License: 1. Data for Sixth Competition, 2. Data for Fifth Competition, 3. Data for Fourth Competition

Knowledge of muscle and joint contact forces during gait is necessary to characterize muscle coordination and function as well as joint and soft-tissue loading. Musculoskeletal modeling and simulation is required to estimate muscle and joint contact forces, since direct measurement is not feasible under normal conditions. This project provides the biomechanics community with a unique and comprehensive data set to validate muscle and contact force estimates in the knee. This data set includes motion capture, ground reaction, EMG, tibial contact force, and strength data collected from a subject implanted with an instrumented knee prosthesis.


The following raw and synchronized experimental data are available for download:
- Marker trajectories - plus description of marker set and static trials (200 Hz)
- Ground reaction forces - from 4 Bertec plates (1000 Hz)
- EMG signals - from 14 muscles in the implanted lower limb (1000 Hz)
- Tibial contact forces - measured from the instrumented prosthesis (200 Hz)

Data were collected for various static, calibration, and gait-related trials.

The following geometric models are also available for download:
- Knee implant geometric models from laser scans (femoral component and tibial insert) or idealized geometry (patellar button)
- Bone geometric models (femur, patella, tibia, and fibula) from a subject of comparable stature
- Composite implant/bone geometric models with the implant geometry registered to the bone models using post-surgery CT scan data

The following models will hopefully be made available for download in the future:
- OpenSim musculoskeletal model of the subject's implanted leg
- Contact models using the implant geometry

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