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2015-09-18 21:13
Submitted by:
Jennifer Nichols (jnichols)
Assigned to:
Nobody (None)
no output file with report_marker_locations tag

Detailed description
I set <report_maker_locations> to true in my IK set-up file. Although the IK simulation runs to completion without error, the ik_model_marker_locations.sto is not output. Note the results.mot file is output correctly.

I tried the following:
1) Run simulations using Matlab and GUI
2) Tried OpenSim v. 3.2 and OpenSim v. 3.3
3) Place all files in the same directory, so that a single path is used for all input and output files (my original file structure has files in multiple folders, so I typically call the model file and marker file using the full file name and path)
4) Set <report_errors> to false
5) Search in multiple directories (e.g., designated output directory, working directory of GUI, primary OpenSim directory) for output.
6) Ran simulation on two separate computers. Both computers are running Windows 7.

I saw this forum post ( and am wondering if I am encountering a similar problem in that OpenSim is not identifying the correct directory to output the ik_model_marker_locations.sto file, and therefore is choosing not to output it?

I have attached the model, IK set-up, and IK input marker files that I am using. The model is a slight modification of Arnold 2010, so you should have access to all necessary geometry.

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