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2018-11-28 22:09
Submitted by:
Makoto Eyre (m3yre)
Assigned to:
Nobody (None)
Bodies not appearing

Detailed description
Bodies do not appear, regardless of settings. Attempts to resolve issue:
- close and re-open model
- open new model
- open tutorial model
- hide --> show bodies
- adjust opacity of bodies
- adjust background color
- hide --> show model
- restart computer
- uninstall / reinstall OpenSim

Using OpenSim 3.3.
Problem is computer-specific; i.e. the same models opened on another computer will not encounter this issue. Tried to find some setting under preferences that may result in a visualization issue, but nothing body-specific (for current model selected) could be found.

As shown in attachment, muscles and markers are visible (and their visibility can be adjusted).

Issue has not always existed; arose a few sessions ago and has not been resolved.

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Message  ↓
Date: 2018-11-28 23:33
Sender: Ayman Habib

This seems to be an issue with the geometry files not found. You can edit that from the application under Edit->Preferences->Geometry Path
The contents should include the Geometry directory under the OpenSim installation. If the path has non ASCII letters you may want to copy it somewhere else or install in another directory (e.g. C:\OpenSim3.3). Please let me know if that helps. You can also consult the user forum as this used to happen often long time ago. Release 4.0 is also available if you want to try it. Best regards

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