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EMG-informed Computed Muscle Control for Dynamic Simulations of Movement
Project Overview
Description: This project is an EMG-informed control plug-in that interfaces with OpenSim to provide robust estimates of muscles activation patterns.

Available Downloads and Their Potential Uses: This project contains the motion capture, force plate, EMG data of a normal human walking together with the three-dimensional simulations (IK, RRA and CMC results) and the human model. To download the simulations and associated documentation, please see the Downloads section of this project. Please see https://simtk.org/home/opensim for more information on OpenSim and its branch /Branches/JasonEmel485Project/ in order to reproduce or modify the simulations . These simulations were generated using OpenSim version 1.5, which is the software version we recommend to those using these simulations.

Purpose/Synopsis: Develop a modified version of Computed Muscle Control (CMC) based on filtered EMG data to track the desired muscles and to create dynamic simulations of movement.

Audience: Users interested in analyzing human movement through EMG-based muscle activation patterns.

Long Term Goals and Related Uses: Allow researchers to attempt to track muscle activity from EMG data in a robust way and perform analyses to gain insight into human movement.

Ontology Classification: Modeling_and_Simulation, Multibody_Dynamics, Neuromuscular_Model
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Keywords: Dynamic simulation, EMG, musculoskeletal biomechanics, neuromuscular control, neuromuscular simulation
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