Petre, M., Erdemir, A., Panoskaltsis, V. P., Spirka, T. A. and Cavanagh, P. R. (2013) Optimization of nonlinear hyperelastic coefficients for foot tissues using a magnetic resonance imaging deformation experiment, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 135, 61001-12. (2013)    View

License: ForefootFEA

A forefoot model for finite element analysis is disseminated in this project. The model was used for optimization of nonlinear hyperelastic coefficients of foot tissues. Prediction of the internal stress distribution using finite element models requires that realistic descriptions of the material properties of the soft tissues are incorporated into the model. The three-dimensional forefoot model includes multiple soft tissue layers (skin, fat pad, and muscle).


Forefoot model with skin, fat, muscle components.

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