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Provide an accessible, extensive library of 3D world objects that researchers can use for visual context and also to simulate human-object interactions. Also provides a set of lab environments to run/record simulations within.

We have developed a library of 3D world objects which appear as colored solid bodies in OpenSim. The objects are formatted with color, texture, and correct geometries. We hope these objects both provide a visual context for simulations and also serve as a tool to analyze interactions of objects with musculoskeletal models.


The download will feature six OSIM files consisting of 5 lab environments (sports, workout, motion, track, demo) and 1 objects gallery file featuring all of the available objects.

We suggest that users open the objects gallery file to view the objects. Then, users can copy the code for the objects that interest them, and place the code in their own OSIM models in the form of joints with the human. We also suggest that users run their simulations within one of our lab environments to provide a visual context for experiments.

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