The real-time OpenSim extension (RTOSIM) is a set of libraries in C++ that wrap OpenSim APIs to enable the real-time computation of inverse kinematics and inverse dynamics.

RTOSIM is a set of efficient and extensible C++ libraries to connect OpenSim with different devices. RTOSIM can use data provided by motion capture systems to solve OpenSim inverse kinematics and inverse dynamics on a frame-by-frame basis. Multiple threads operate concurrently to remove idle times due to communications with input and output devices, and the data flow is automatically managed by RTOSIM in order to preserve data integrity and avoid race conditions.

The inverse kinematics throughput is also enhanced by the use of multiple threads. From our tests, full-body inverse kinematics using the gait2392 can be solved up to 2000fps using 10+ cores.

RTOSIM source code is available on GitHub (see Downloads section).