Release Name: 2396Hip_v01

Release Notes

NOTES ON THE HIP MODEL, Shelburne March-2009: This model is intended for hip research - detail is focused on the muscles spanning the hip. The model is based on OpenSim example model 23DOF_94 with additional muscles and adjustments made by Kevin Shelburne. Muscles added: obturator, rectus abdominus. The knee geometry was taken from the OpenSim example model 23_54. Adjustments were made to the muscle geometry so that the moment arms of the model matched the measurements of Delp, Hess, Hungerford, Jones 1999; Jorgensen, Marras, Granata, Wiand 2001; Dostal, Soderberg, Andrews 1986; Nemeth and Olsen 1985. Wrapping objects were added for Gmax, Iliacus, and Psoas. Adjustments were made to muscle parameters so that the maximum isometric strength of the model matched the in vivo maximum torque measurements of Shelburne PhD Thesis 1997, Anderson PhD Thesis 1999, McGill and Hoodless 1980, McNeil, Warwick, Andersson, Schultz 1980. Overall, the strength of the model was increased by 20% from the original 23_54 OpenSim example model except for the muscles spanning the knee. These muscle strengths were matched to Shelburne and Pandy (2004). NOTES ON THE 2396Hip MODEL: Muscle definitions from the 2009 Shelburne model were used for muscles spanning the hip and those spanning the hip and knee. For muscles spanning the knee only and muscles inferior to the knee used muscle definitions and parameters from OpenSim 2392 model.