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Provides educational modules on biomechanics principles targeted at middle and high school and undergraduate students

License: Biomechanics Education Modules

This project contains biomechanics modules on “Understanding Forces on the Body” and “Imaging, Materials, and Failure”. The modules include powerpoint slides and exercises to support the lessons. Exercises illustrate moment arms via a knee experiment and strength of materials via an imaging-based ACL tear example.

This project was supported by the National Science Foundation through:

Population-based evaluation of knee mechanics considering inter-subject and surgical alignment variability
Investigators: P. Laz, P. Rullkoetter, D. Dennis, R. Kim
General and Age Related Disabilities Engineering, CBET-1034251.

MRI: Acquisition of a biplane fluoroscopy system for dynamic imaging of in-vivo human motion.
Investigators: P. Rullkoetter, B. Davidson, C. Fitzpatrick, P. Laz, K. Shelburne
Division of Computer and Network Systems CNS-1229148.

For more information on the related statistical shape modeling work, please visit https://simtk.org/home/ssm_knee/