Geometric models of cardiovascular applications in VTK/XML PolyData format.

The geometric models in this repository are collected from past research projects in the Cardiovascular Biomechanics Research Laboratory at Stanford University. The geometric models in this repository are mostly built from imaging data of healthy and diseased individuals. For each of the models, a short description is given with a reference. Click on the model image for a larger image of the model. The geometric models are in VTK PolyData XML .vtp format. For information about this format see VTK.org.

You are free to download the geometric models and use them provided that you properly reference the source. The models are part of the academic output of the researcher cited and should be referred to as such. Permission is granted to use these models for research purposes, but not for commercial use.

Note: This repository is no longer maintained. A more up-to-date repository of cardiovascular models can be found at http://www.vascularmodel.com/sandbox/doku.php.