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Download examples and clinical case files for cardiovascular modeling and simulation compatible with SimVascular

License: Aortofemoral Normal - 1, Aortofemoral Normal - 2, Coronary Normal, Example: Cylinder, Example: Demo Project, Healthy Pulmonary

We invite you to download and try these examples and clinical case projects, which are all compatible with the open source SimVascular cardiovascular modeling software package. Each case includes image data of a healthy or diseased individual, a 3D anatomic model created from the image data, and simulation job files which specify initial conditions, boundary conditions and various parameters required to run the simulation. Many of the cases are already organized as SV projects, which means you can easily load them into SimVascular and view or try out various project components. Following the guides in the SimVascular documentation website, you can also create new models and run simulations with different conditions, based on these example cases.

You are free to download the examples and cases provided that you properly reference the source. The cases are part of the academic output of the researcher cited and should be referred to as such. Permission is granted to use these cases for research purposes, but for commercial use please contact the director of the Cardiovascular Biomechanics Computation Lab, Alison Marsden (amarsden@stanford.edu).

The examples and clinical cases included are:

Example: Demo Project
Example: Cylinder Project (no image, for simulation)
Clinical Case: Coronary Normal
Clinical Case: Aortofemoral Normal 1
Clinical Case: Aortofemoral Normal 2
Clinical Case: Healthy Pulmonary

SimVascular is available for download at our project website at:

Comprehensive documentation is available on the SimVascular website at: