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Musculo-skeletal model for the lower limbs of children based on MRI-data

The model generated for this project is a generic model for children. This model was generated by combining on 5 individual MRI-based models of children aged 7-9. A main reason is to provide a template model for individual biomechanical analysis for children, where the scaling factors are not that high as when generating childs models based on the adult templates. Further, the child model reproduces the body composition of children. It has a muscular structure from young humans and not, as in most template models a muscle architecture that is based on the examination of cadavers of aged population.
The muscle parameters such as optimal muscle fiber length and tendon slack length have been set in a way that the model has similar optimal joint angles as the template models provides with the OpenSim installation.


Average Child's model with 23(x2) muscles for the lower limbs

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