This is the first pediatric shoulder joint model developed at an INSERM lab at LaTIM, France, to evaluate pediatric shoulder joint biomechanics. Pediatric joint models are scarce in OpenSIM and scaling down adult models does not help determine child-specific biomechanics in the areas of shoulder disorders such as Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy (OBPP). The goal of this project is to determine the impact of abnormal musculoskeletal structures in OBPP pathology.

We at LaTIM, INSERM unit 1101 in Brest, France, are conducting research on shoulder joint disorders in adults and children. Pediatric joint models are scarce in OpenSIM. Shoulder joint disorders in children are challenging as the anatomy (and biomechanics) varies by age. This project aims to develop pediatric shoulder joint model and to disseminate the modeling and geometry information to the SimTK user community.

This project started as a main thesis topic of our PhD student Ms. Asma Salhi and is built from scratch as no much modeling data or information is available for pediatric shoulder. While everyone can access and download the model files as and when made available, developers need to contact us in order to contribute to the development efforts.

This project is currently funded by Region of Brittany, France; IMT Atlantique, Brest, France, Campus France, INSERM, and CHRU de Brest.