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This project aims to provide an easy to used extendable C++ interface between OpenSim and Matlab.

License: CMake Project, OpenSimMatlab (OpenSim 3.3)

The objective of this project is to provide an alternative interface between OpenSim and Matlab®, based on an extended C++ mex interface. Despite the fact that there is a user friendly OpenSim interface for Matlab, it lacks the ability to extend new functionalities based on the Java API (e.g. custom controller). Inspired by the relative project “Dynamic Simulation of Movement Based on OpenSim and MATLAB®/Simulink®”, where the user can easily interface OpenSim with Simulink, the proposed framework moves one step further by providing new capabilities to link custom written C++ OpenSim extensions to Matlab and to harvest both the powerful OpenSim C++ API and Matlab functionalities. The implementation is based on Matlab mex interface, which is further extended to support more complex functionalities based on the project mexplus. The latter is a C++ Matlab mex development kit that contains a couple of C++ classes and macros to make mex development easy in Matlab.

An example project is provided in the download section with instructions on how-to use.