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Local RNA structural changes induced by crystallization are revealed by SHAPE Q. Vicens, A. R. Gooding, A. Laederach, T. R. Cech RNA (2007), 13 (4), 536-548 (2007)    View

noRNAlize normalizes SHAPE footprinting data

This project is a data analysis package to analyze and normalize SHAPE data. Traditionally, SHAPE requires the addition of a 3' hairpin to the RNA for normalization. noRNAlize elminates the need for this experimental step by performing a global analysis of the SHAPE data, and establishing mean protection values. This is particularly important when SHAPE analysis is used to map crystal contacts in crystal structures as illustrated here.


This download enables pairwise normalization of chemical probing data obtained using techniques like SHAPE.
This download is to complement SAFA and contains files to use in Matlab.

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