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Provides the analysis plug-in code for calculating joint loads as well as simple model and setup files as examples.

NOTE: This project has been deprecated. JointReaction is now a standard analysis packaged with OpenSim. Just download OpenSim and look for JointReaction under Tools->Analyze Tool -> Analyses -> Add.

This project is an analysis plugin that interfaces with OpenSim to calculate joint forces and moments occurring during musculoskeletal movement. By subtracting the model actuation from the model accelerations for each body segment, this tool calculates the reaction loads required at the joints to satisfy the desired model kinematics. The analysis can be applied to any results of the Forward dynamics or Computed Muscle Control tool, and eventually the Static Optimization tool as well. Biomechanists are able to calculate the loads occurring at any joint they specify, chose the body of interest within the joint pair, and chose the desired reference frames in which the results are expressed.