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NMBL Pipeline is a single software tool for doing a variety of operations on medical images including registration, segmentation, and 3D model building. For all practical purposes, it is exactly the same thing as NAMIC's (www.na-mic.org) 3D Slicer.

The NMBL Pipeline is a version of NAMIC's (www.na-mic.org) 3D Slicer, adapted to the needs of the Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab (NMBL) at Stanford University. Slicer is an open-source software tool for performing a diverse array of medical image processing activities within one freely available, easily extensible kit. NMBL Pipeline is intended to coincide with NAMIC's Slicer, and is developed along with 3D Slicer in full collaboration with NAMIC. The differences between NMBL Pipeline and Slicer will be minimal, and probably will include the absence of some of Slicer's modules in NMBL Pipeline, and perhaps some differences in default value settings. This project will continue to be developed for use by NMBL and other members of the general Slicer user community.

I intend to use SimTK.org in exactly those ways that are intended: namely to make my software available to SimTK users and provide users with documentation, while the users are encouraged to provide feedback to me for improvements.