In this project, heavily under-sampled and fat-saturated 3D Cartesian MRI acquisition were used to capture temporal frames of the unconstrained moving wrist of 5 healthy subjects.

MRI data was collected on a GE HealthCare Signa Premier 3T MRI scanner using a 16-channel large flex coil and using 3D LAVA Flex sequence. Healthy subjects with no prior reported wrist pathology were placed in the MRI bore in a prone "superman" position. No motion-restriction constraints were utilized. Instead, visual cues were used to pace the radial-ulnar motion during the 103 seconds acquisition duration.
4D dynamic MRI was utilized to analyze individual carpal bone dynamic trajectories within an asymptomatic subject cohort. Static images were acquired with 0.9×0.9×1 mm3 voxel size and an acquisition matrix size of 224×224×60. 40 dynamic sub-volumes with a temporal resolution of 2.57s were acquired using multi-phase 3D LAVA Flex series with 1.6×1.6×2.5 mm3 voxel size with 128×128×12 acquisition matrix size.