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Provide a plugin for comparative visual analysis of normal modes from different models.

NMWiz is a VMD plug-in for animating, visualizing, and plotting normal modes. User can make a comparative analysis of modes from different models and sources.

Normal mode data may come from an elastic network model, a force field based atomistic model, or essential dynamics analysis of a structural ensemble. NMWiz recognizes coordinate and normal mode data in a simple format, called Normal Mode Data (NMD) format.

See the NMWiz main page for more details:

**ANM Server**
ANM data can be downloaded in NMD format from the ANM Server (Thanks to Dr. Eran Eyal). After your calculation is performed, go to "Download Files" page using the link in the lower left corner of the page. The last output file is for NMWiz. You can use it in VMD with NMWiz to prepare publication quality images.

Developers thank Dr. Timothy Lezon for his useful suggestions and Dr. Eran Eyal for his effort to make ANM server compatible with NMWiz.