Karr JR, Guturu H, Chen EY, Blair SL, Irish JM, Kotecha N, Covert MW. NetworkPainter: dynamic intracellular pathway animation in Cytobank. BMC Bioinformatics 16, 1:172 (2015). (2015)
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Background: High-throughput technologies such as flow and mass cytometry have the potential to illuminate cellular networks. However, analyzing the data produced by these technologies is challenging. Visualization is needed to help researchers explore this data. Results: We developed a web-based software program, NetworkPainter, to enable researchers to analyze dynamic cytometry data in the context of pathway diagrams. NetworkPainter provides researchers a graphical interface to draw and “paint” pathway diagrams with experimental data, producing animated diagrams which display the activity of each network node at each time point. Conclusion: NetworkPainter enables researchers to more fully explore multi-parameter, dynamical cytometry data.

Provides a user-friendly interface to draw intracellular pathway diagrams and animate them with high-dimensional experimental data.

NetworkPainter is a web-based program for drawing and painting signaling network diagrams with high-dimensional cytometry data. Two versions of NetworkPainter are available. The NetworkPainter stand-alone version is capable of visualizing any uploaded cytometry data. NetworkPainter is also available through the Cytobank flow cytometry repository. This version is capable of analyzing flow and mass cytometry data stored in Cytobank.