Dec 12, 2014
You have to build Simbody from source if you want it. You can build the Doxygen documentation too, but here is a link to pre-built Doxygen for the latest release. Replace "latest" in the URL with "previous" or a version like "3.3" for older documentation.

Simbody 2.2 Documentation

May 5, 2011
Provides an introduction, installation instructions, and tutorials.

May 5, 2011
Provides information and examples about programming custom forces, constraints, mobilizers (joints), and more.

Mar 3, 2011
Doxygen-generated online documentation for the Simbody 2.2 API.

Jul 7, 2011
Build-from-source instructions for Mac and Linux platforms.

Jul 7, 2011
Windows-specific build-from-source instructions.

May 5, 2011
What's new in 2.2.

Jan 1, 2010
Introduction to Simbody's Vector and Matrix classes, including design rationale.

Mar 3, 2010
User guide for Simbody's numerical methods library.

Technical Papers

Jun 6, 2011
This paper is an overview of Simbody's architecture and implementation.

Sep 9, 2010
This paper describes how Simbody efficiently formulates imperfect biological joints

Apr 4, 2006
This is the primary reference for the NIH IVM module which served as the initial base for Simbody.

Apr 4, 2006
This is reference 1 from Schwieters & Clore's paper. It is very helpful in understanding the notation used in the code.

Apr 4, 2006
This is reference 2 from Schwieters & Clore's paper. It fills in a few details about the code that are not covered in reference 1, particularly regarding handling of closed topological loops.

Jul 7, 2006
This is reference 13 from the IVM paper. It fills in the remaining details about constraint handling.

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User Documentation

Apr 4, 2013
This manual is a work in progress.