We provide a framework for biomedical researchers to experiment with mechanisms that may drive the fracture healing process. We utilize Java and the MASON simulation toolkit.

License: Callus

Utilizing the MASON simulation toolkit, this framework implements four mechanisms which aim to describe the fracture healing process. Our in silico Callus Analogs attempt to simulate the transition of the histologic appearance of a mouse fracture callus from day-7 to day-10 of the healing process. After applying rigorous cycles of the Iterative Refinement Protocol, our mechanisms achieved 73-94% similarity when compared to the prespecified histologic appearance of the fracture callus at day-10.

Simulated healing provides a new perspective on the actual healing process and a new way of thinking about plausible networked fracture healing processes. This work is intended to be applicable to other biomedical fields that use histologic analysis to investigate and explain tissue level phenomena.

Researchers may choose between the four implemented mechanisms through the GUI, and may extend this initial work with customized mechanisms and additional tissue units. Installation instructions are provided in a README file bundled with the source code.