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This project provides a musculoskeletal model for estimating the force- and moment-generating capacity of the major pelvis and hind limb muscles in the chimpanzee. Results from related studies employing the chimpanzee model are also curated here.

The following video includes a description of the chimpanzee musculoskeletal model. The detailed description of the development and validation of the model begins at around 22:00 minutes.

The primary resource available on this project page is a three dimensional musculoskeletal model of the chimpanzee pelvis and hind limb. The bone elements were created by scanning the skeleton of a chimpanzee obtained on loan from the America Museum of Natural History. Muscle attachment sites and pathways were based on published muscle maps, as well as dissections performed by the authors. Muscle architectural parameters were based on dissections reported in the literature. See the associated publication for more detail. The development of this model and related research were supported by grants from the U.S. National Science Foundation (awards BCS 0935327 and 0935321).