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The presented iliotibial band model follows the path of the tensor fascia latae which may be more anatomically correct than what has been previously used. The simulation techniques identify relationships between iliotibial band strain and joint motion.

License: IT-band Model and Running Data

The purpose of this study was to create an iliotibial band model that can be used to generate participant-specific running simulations to quantify iliotibial band strain and strain rate. The iliotibial band was added to each participant-specific model (n = 20). The iliotibial band’s path was defined along the tensor fascia latae’s path. Dynamic simulations of running were created that accurately reproduced experimentally collected running data. Iliotibial band length data were extracted during the stance phase of running to compute iliotibial band strain and strain rate.


One simulation is provided of the stance phase of running for one participant. The files and user documentation are available in the downloads section. All simulations were all created in OpenSim v2.4.

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