Part of the Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group (IMAG) Multiscale Modeling (MSM) Consortium, this working group seeks to advance the use of MSM within biomechanics.

Example of multiscale modeling in biomechanics

Goals and Objectives
Through interactions within members and with other working groups, the goals of the Biomechanics Working Group are:

• to establish a cross-discipline discussion platform for multiscale modeling and analysis issues in the general area of biomechanics
• to identify computational infrastructure needs for multiscale biomechanical simulations
• to establish pathways for experimental data and validation to support multiscale modeling and simulation in biomechanics
• to increase awareness to the role of multiscale analysis in biomechanics and simulation-based medicine
• to promote the role of dissemination to accelerate multiscale analysis in biomechanics

The Biomechanics Working Group has started in November 2010 following working group related discussions at the 2010 MSM CONSORTIUM MEETING. Founding co-leads of the working group were Jay Humphrey of Yale University and Ahmet Erdemir of Cleveland Clinic. The working group inherited the Working Group 6 - Tissue Mechanics, which was started by Trent Guess of University of Missouri, Kansas City.