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Provide a starting model to those interested in a full body model.

This project provides a useful starting model to those interested in a full body model. In this project the lower limb model developed by Delp S.L. et al. ("Gait2354_Simbody") is combined with the upper limb model developed by Holzbaur K.R. et al. ("UpperExtremityModel") in order to create an almost full body model (the neck degrees of freedom are for example not included in the models of this project).


The file contains a folder with the graphic files and two OpenSim models (*.osim):
1) UpperLowerBody.osim - this is the model obtained combining the lower limbs and upper limbs models as they are provided by their authors;
2) UpperLowerBodySimple.osim - this is a simplified version of the first model in which for example the fingers' degrees of freedom are removed. Furthermore the model comes with assigned mass properties on the basis of the cited publications (see the information provided at the beginning of the *.osim file).

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