The current collection includes carpal bone (not metacarpals) anatomy models from 90 healthy subjects (120 wrists), and the carpal bone kinematics in 1215 unique wrist positions. A graphical user interface (GUI) is also developed to maximize user interaction with this collection.

License: BrownUniversity Carpal Dataset

CT images of wrists from 90 healthy volunteers (43 males and 47 females) were acquired in various wrist positions. The outer cortical surfaces of the carpal bones, radius, and ulna in a 3D format, and each bone kinematics were calculated for each wrist position using a methodology described in the README file associated with the database. The database does not include soft tissue or the cartilage information of the wrist. Moreover, there is a MATLAB graphic user interface (GUI) available for you to observe the database. This dataset comes from four different NIH funding between 2001 and 2014.

Please cite the work if you're using this database:

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Complete dataset along with the graphic user interface (GUI) in a zipped format.

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