This project includes model files and descriptions for an OpenSim musculoskeletal model of the guinea fowl (Numida meliagris) pelvic limb.

License: GuineaFowlModel

We used the guinea fowl (Numida meliagris) pelvic limb model in an initial study explaining the development of the model including muscle-tendon unit modeling and joint modeling. The study implements the model to assess the interaction between activation level and muscle-tendon unit compliance on muscle force-length operating ranges and force generating capacity.

S M Cox, K L Easton, M Cromie Lear, R L Marsh, S L Delp, J Rubenson (2019). The interaction of compliance and activation on the force-length operating range and force generating capacity of skeletal muscle: a computational study using a guinea fowl musculoskeletal model, Integrative Organismal Biology, obz022,

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