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Provides an OpenSim plug-in for coupling muscle activity with static optimization for synergy-based control or other applications.

License: Synergy Optimization

The Synergy Optimization plug-in was developed to enable synergy-based control in OpenSim. It extends Static Optimization to let users specify a matrix of synergies to constrain and couple muscle activations. Beyond synergies, this plug-in can also be used to (1) provide varying weights to different actuators in static optimization or (2) require specific actuators to be activated together.


The downloads include the plug-in (for OpenSim 3.2+) and instructions for use. Sample matlab code is provided to help create the matrix of synergies or weights and prepare the the set-up file. Note that when an identity matrix is used, this plug-in returns identical results as Static Optimization. Varying the weights along the diagonal can be used to penalize or favor specific actuators. Similarly, creating a column with multiple numbers will constrain multiple actuators to activate together.

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