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This project aims to provide a version of VTK on the Mac that works with Java (and C++).

Using Java with VTK on Mac OS X 10.3 and higher is basically broken. This project aims to correct these problems and provide a version of VTK on the Mac where Java (and C++) can be used. This code is based on the latest VTK 4.2 stable release. The changes made to VTK here have been submitted to the VTK organization, but these have not yet been integrated into their code repository. Also, the changes will probably never make it to their 4.2 code base, so we will provide this code until the next stable release of VTK comes out with proper Java Mac support.

Java VTK support on the Mac uses Cocoa. Tcl and Python wrappers currently do not work with Cocoa, so they are not supported with this modified version of VTK. Java and C++ are supported.