This project evaluates the performance of multicore parallel computing for solving optimal control musculoskeletal simulation problems using OpenSim Moco.

In this project, we investigated the computational speed‐up obtained via multicore parallel computing relative to solving problems serially (i.e., using a single core) in optimal control simulations of human movement in OpenSim Moco. Simulations were solved using up to 18 cores with a variety of temporal mesh interval densities and using two different initial guess strategies. Considerable speed‐up can be achieved for some optimal control simulation problems in OpenSim Moco by leveraging the multicore processors often available in modern computers.

This work is described in the paper "Computational performance of musculoskeletal simulation in OpenSim Moco using parallel computing" which is available on the Publications page. Models and complete working examples are provided on the Downloads page. This project was supported by a Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant.


This page provides access to the models and code examples that accompany the publication listed below.

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