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The purpose of this project is to provide binaries of CPODES for all the SimTK Core-supported platforms.

The official source is maintained at LLNL as part of the Sundials suite -- this project always contains a stable snapshot.

CPODES is a numerical integrator for solving multibody dynamics problems using coordinate projection. It is based on the CVODES integrator which is part of the DOE Sundials suite. CPODES was developed as a joint project between Simbios and LLNL and implemented by CVODES coauthor Radu Serban working with Michael Sherman, Jack Middleton, and Peter Eastman of Simbios.

CPODES is intended for use with Simbody. It is a multistep integrator providing variable order Adams (up to 12th order) and BDF (up to 5th order) methods for non-stiff problems and BDF (up to 5th order) for stiff problems. It uses CVODES to advance the ODE, and then performs coordinate projection back to the constraint manifold to exactly solve the DAE. The projection is also incorporated back into the error test where it permits larger steps.

IMPORTANT NOTE: binaries of this software are bundled with other SimTK Core modules. They can be found in the SimTKcore project downloads section. Only the source for CPodes is located here.