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Step-by-step tutorials on how to integrate contact elements in OpenSim by editing a *.osim file.

This project presents step-by-step tutorials on how to integrate contact elements within a OpenSim model. Contact modeling is performed by editing two *.osim files. The first tutorial covers the classic model of a bouncing sphere on an even plane (two cases will be considered: pure elastic contact; and dissipative contact). The second tutorial considers multiple contact interactions between a sphere, an ellipsoid and a plane. Contact forces are described with the Hunt & Crossley and the Elastic Foundation models. No friction forces are applied. The main motivation of this project is to provide easy to follow tutorials for contact modeling in OpenSim, therefore, complementing the current documentation on this topic. Musculoskeletal modelers or computational researchers that wish to incorporate surface contact elements within a multibody model will find this project of their interest.


Step-by-step tutorials and associated *.osim files are provided so that the modeler gets the practical know-how on integrating contact elements in OpenSim. These tutorials can be adopted to class laboratories or extended and added to your own musculoskeletal/multibody models.

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