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Provide resources and support for Warrior Web technology developers using the OpenSim software package.

License: Muscle Metabolics Dashboard

Online support and resource portal for teams developing Warrior Web Technologies.

Access all of our OpenSim resources at the
Support Site.

Also see the
Warrior Web Wiki.

This project includes the following (see links at left):

1) A Team page, where you can see our team members and get in touch for support and questions.

2) A Downloads page, where you can find models, plug-ins, data, and other code and software for Warrior Web teams. Additional downloads are available on the main OpenSim Simtk project page.

3) A Documents page, where you can find handouts, slides, and links to relevant OpenSim resources and downloads.

4) A Public Forums page, a discussion forum for Warrior Web teams using OpenSim

5) Under the Advanced tab, you will find:
- A repository for uploading and sharing models and code
- A mailing list to receive OpenSim Warrior Web news and events


This project is a specialized set of resources and links for Warrior Web technology developers using OpenSim to model device effectiveness.

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